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Stress-Relief Has Never Been So Much Fun!

Stress hurts all over! 

In fact, studies have shown that,
“Stress causes whole body deterioration.”1

But, what can you do? Have you tried relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, meditation, and guided imagery

Relaxation methods can provide stress-relieving benefits … as long as you do them.

Stop relying on your own memory and create a healthy stress-relief habit with your own FrazzleFrog™!

“A FrazzleFrog™ is a therapeutic stress-relieving tool
providing powerful healing benefits with fun and whimsy.”

Simply heat your soft, natural, grain-filled FrazzleFrog and place on your abdomen, or desired area. When added to your favorite relaxation practice, your FrazzleFrog™:

    • Serves as a fun and visible reminder
    • Provides an opportunity to create lasting, healthy habits
    • Enhances your deep breathing practices
    • Produces a deeper state of relaxation
    • Reduces and/or improves IBS symptoms
    • Reduces and/or improves overall body pain
    • Soothes muscle cramps, spasms, tenderness
    • Reduces and/or improves PMS symptoms, bloating, and cramps
    • Calms nerves, anxieties, worries, concerns
    • Improves mental clarity
    • Improves blood flow and may reduce blood pressure
    • Reduces and/or improves arthritis-type pain

 FrazzleFrogs make great gifts and each comes with its own fabric gift bag!

 Would you like to sell FrazzleFrogs in your place of business?
Contact Us for wholesale pricing!

**Please Note: Currently Accepting Orders Domestically within the U. S.
For ALL other International Orders, please contact us for appropriate
Shipping and Tax Costs.

*** IMPORTANT: ONLY Green/Brown frogs are available at this time. ONLY Green/Brown frogs will be shipped. *** 

[1] (

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